Introducing SkinnyBrands Ltd

Introducing SkinnyBrands Ltd

The Huge Introduction is:
'SkinnyBrands Ltd'

Tom Bell our Founder & Managing Director has been working incredibly hard over the last 18 months to bring to the UK market a range of Skinny Branded Alcohol Products and the first one is launching next week. 'SkinnyBrands - Lager'.

A Lower Calorie Lager at only 89 Calories per bottle and still 3.8% ABV with no compromise on flavour or quality.

Our Vision

“To introduce to the global consumers a range of new and innovative alcoholic brands that have full strength, full flavour & fewer calories, in markets where customers are wanting a perfect healthier alternative”
Full Strength - Full Flavour - Fewer Calories

Our first Product

A light and refreshing lager with more than 30% fewer calories, but still full strength & full flavour.

Calories: 89 per bottle

ABV %: 3.8%

Taste: “You tell us!”

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  • Helen

    Hi, just tried the 4% skinny beer which is gluten free. Can you clarify if the 3.8% is gluten free too? Thanks

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