Salford's Original Rum 70cl
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Salford's Original Rum 70cl

Salford's Original Rum 70cl

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Nutrition details (per 25ml)
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Nutrition Facts

Serving size (per 25ml)

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Alcohol by volume 40%

Product Details

THE SALFORD RUM COMPANY: Celebrates the history, heritage and people of Salford Docks during the early 1900's. Amongst the biggest imports of the time, were rums, fruits and spices from the Caribbean. Inspired by these imports and a love for rum The Salford Rum Company was born.

A RUM FOR TODAY - NOT IT'S HEYDAY: This golden spiced rum is produced in small batches, column distilled in the shadows of old Salford Docks, and expertly infused with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and dried Caribbean fruits.

WEARING OUR HEART ON OUR SLEEVE: Proud of our home our bottle features a specially designed map Manchester artist "DaveDraws". We are more than a "Dirty Old Town"; the muse for musicians, the hub for Media City, with a love for LS Lowry's iconic stick people. 

Tasting Notes

Supple vanilla, dried fruits and plenty of winter spice.

Serving Suggestions

Serve over ice