Hard Seltzers

At DrinkWell, we love a hard seltzer - they are refreshing, fruity, and delicious (as well as being delivered to your door). There...  Read more

At DrinkWell, we love a hard seltzer - they are refreshing, fruity, and delicious (as well as being delivered to your door). There are three main ingredients in hard seltzer: carbonated water, alcohol, and fruit flavouring extracts. In most cases, the three base alcoholic spirits that are used for hard seltzer are wine, malt, and other light spirits such as vodka or white rum. The most appealing aspect of hard seltzers is that they don’t contain unfermented complex sugars or proteins, which means that they are extremely low in calories.

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Hard Seltzer FAQs

What is Hard Seltzer?

Put simply, hard seltzers are ready-to-drink alcoholic sparkling water drinks, usually infused with a natural fruit flavouring. Hard seltzers are simply made from carbonated water, alcohol and natural fruit flavouring. These lighter alternatives to cocktails or spirit drinks come in a range of flavours to suit everyone, from elderflower, to strawberry, lime, mango, and more!

What Does Our Hard Seltzer Collection Include?

Our seltzers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a lower-carb or lower-calorie alcohol drink choice that works as an alternative to beers, wines or spirits. Our seltzers range from leading brands such as White Claw to Island Bay as well as small independent brands such as Boozy Boocha Alcoholic Kombucha.

How Many Calories Are in Hard Seltzers?

Hard seltzers, on average, contain around 80-100 calories per 330ml. Not only do they pack a punch without the calorie content, but the popular drinks also contain low amounts of carbs and sugar. For example, the famous White Claw Hard Seltzers only contain 2 grams of sugar per can! In the Bodega Bay hard seltzer cans there are 72 calories, which is significantly less than the 172 calories found in an average 4% alcopop drink.

What is the Lowest Calorie Hard Seltzer at DrinkWell?

All of the hard seltzers we offer are low-calorie options, however, if you are looking for the lowest-calorie hard seltzer in our range then allow us to introduce you to Served’s Raspberry Hard Seltzer. Served’s seltzer is made with wonky Scottish raspberries and contains zero sugar or carbohydrates. Oh, and it is also absolutely delicious!

What Type Of Alcohol is in Hard Seltzer?

This might come as a surprise, but these types of drinks don’t contain distilled spirits, such as gin or vodka. Instead, hard seltzers, including the popular White Claws, are made by fermenting cane sugars, rather than grains, which are turned into alcohol. Some seltzers produced outside the UK use natural fruit sugars to create alcohol content. 

Do Hard Seltzers Contain Carbs?

Generally, seltzers don’t contain many carbs, and they definitely contain fewer carbs than beer or cider with the same alcoholic content. All hard seltzers stocked on the DrinkWell website contain 2 grams of carbs or less, with some - like the DRTY Mango Hard Seltzer - containing 0 carbs. 

Is Hard Seltzer Gluten Free?

This depends on the brand itself. Generally, the most popular brands of hard seltzer are gluten free, even those with added fruity flavours. However, some of these fizzy drinks do contain ingredients such as wheat, barley, or grains containing gluten. White Claw Hard Seltzers, as stocked on the DrinkWell website, contain ingredients that are 100% gluten free. 

Is Hard Seltzer Alcohol Better For You Than Beer?

Part of hard seltzers’ popularity is the common assumption that sipping on a refreshing glass of spiked seltzer is healthier than having a glass of beer or wine. In 2020, 40% of American consumers reported choosing a hard seltzer over a cocktail, due to the lower calorie, sugar, and carbohydrate content. 

Is White Claw Stronger Than Beer?

White Claw, or any refreshing hard seltzer for that matter, generally contain the same amount of alcohol, both sitting around the 5% ABV mark. 

Can You Buy White Claw Seltzers in the UK?

Yes, you can! These delicious low-calorie drinks are extremely popular in the US and other parts of the world, and they’ve made their way over to the UK to be enjoyed by people like you. DrinkWell is excited to be one of the first stockists of hard seltzer drinks in the UK. We stock White Claw Hard Seltzers and other popular brands here at DrinkWell, and we offer quick delivery to most of the UK, including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.