DrinkWell Eco Water 24x500ml Case
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DrinkWell Eco Water 24x500ml Case

DrinkWell Eco Water 24x500ml Case

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24x500ml Case

A UK first once again....

DrinkWell's very own 100% Biodegradable water bottle.
Imagine this..... You have a water bottle, you can re-use as many times as you want, looks great, feels great, stronger than a normal plastic bottle, and the best bit..... when you're done with it you just throw it in your green bin.

100% Plant not plastic | 100% Biodegradable

Non-Hazardous To Human Health  

Our plastic free bottle does not contain PET, BPA or phthalates, ensuring no hormone & toxic chemicals in your water! They are fantastic to refill so more than a single use bottle!

Delicious Spring Water

Our Spring Water is bottled at source in Herefordshire, United Kingdom

No harmful toxins

Nothing harmful is released into the atmosphere when incinerated. If composting is not an option, incineration is a great alternative, gives a clean burn and produces good heat for waste to energy facilities.

Return To Nature

The bottles can be composted and returned to nature, great for the environment.

The most incredible technology which will change the world has gone into this water bottle. Pure British spring still water in a bottle that you can throw in your green waste bin after you have finished.
Be part of the revolution alongside DrinkWell and let’s help change the world for the better one bottle at a time.