El Tequileño Blanco 50cl
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El Tequileño Blanco 50cl

El Tequileño Blanco 50cl

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Nutrition details (per 25ml)
Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for Vegans

Nutrition Facts

Serving size (per 25ml)

Amount per serving

Calories 55
Total Sugar 0g
Alcohol by volume 38%

Product Details

El Tequilena Blanco is an award-winning authentic tequila suitable for vegans. Made using traditional techniques, this white tequila has notes of butterscotch, anise and peppercorn derived from Mexican blue agave, cane sugar and sugar cane. 

Named in honor of the people of Tequila, El Tequilena has a true respect for traditional ingredients and techniques, handed down through the generations.

Traditional Techniques

A true respect for ingredients and techniques - from using the finest Blue Agave developed in the premium growing region of Los Altos de Jalisco, combined with natural volcanic
spring water. Both of these key components are processed with open fermentation, influenced by 150 year old mango trees and twice-distilled in copper pot stills.

Tasting Notes

Aroma of sweet tones of cooked agave with delicate herbal notes. Tastes of butterscotch, anise and peppercorn