Gift Product - IGP Atlantique Du Rosé Dans l’Air Rosé
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Gift Product - IGP Atlantique Du Rosé Dans l’Air Rosé

Gift Product - IGP Atlantique Du Rosé Dans l’Air Rosé

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Nutrition details (per 125ml)
Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for Vegans
100% Gluten-free

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 125ml

Amount per serving

Calories 66
Total Sugar 0g
Alcohol by volume 10.5%

Product Details

Du Rosé dans l'Air is an original brand with a lower alcohol content (10.5% vol.) offering a light and pleasurable drinking experience. It is an approachable, introductory wine that is the result of precise and careful work from the vine through to the vinification. Our specific process gives us a wine that is naturally lower in alcohol and lighter on the palate yet retains a well-balanced and fruity character. Du Rouge dans l'Air is presented in a contemporary and evocative packaging with a clean, understated design

Selection of vineyard plots. Vines pruned using the Guyot Simple method. Careful monitoring of the grapes’ maturities. Harvested at the desired maturity level to obtain grapes that combine a low alcohol content and a fresh fruit expression with well-controlled acidities. Harvesting is only carried out in the morning to ensure the harvested grapes stay fresh to reduce the risk of oxidation and allow us a perfect extraction of colour. Direct pressing. Low-temperature alcoholic fermentation to bring out all the aromas. Stirring of the lees, blending followed by bottling as early as possible

Tasting Notes

Du Rosé dans l’Air displays a very pale pink hue. The nose releases lovely intense amylic notes. In keeping with the nose, the palate is light and elegant, revealing crisp, bright aromas of red berries and citrus fruit. .



Gironde, France