Kopparberg Summer Fruits Light - 12x250ml

Kopparberg Summer Fruits Light - 12x250ml

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Nutrition details (per can/bottle)
100% Gluten-free

Kopparberg have outdone themselves with this creation. Everything we all know and love about the fruit cider giant. Now with fewer calories.

A refreshingly light and fruity serve, Kopparberg Summer Fruits Light Cider mixes raspberry with the subtle sweetness of fresh blueberry and unleashes maximum fruit flavour in a lower calorie option.

Still packing the fruity punch and at 4% ABV you compromise nothing in strength. Kopparberg Light* contains only 83 Calories per 250ml serving, this is a great option for those counting the calories but wanting to enjoy a fruity cider in the sun.

Per 250ml Can;
4% ABV
83 Calories
6.5g Carbs/Sugar

*Contains aspartame