LUXLO Passion Fruit - FOR GIN LOVERS 70cl
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LUXLO Passion Fruit - FOR GIN LOVERS 70cl

LUXLO Passion Fruit - FOR GIN LOVERS 70cl

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Nutrition details (per 25ml)
Suitable for Vegetarians
Suitable for Vegans
100% Gluten-free

Nutrition Facts

Serving size (per 25ml)

Amount per serving

Calories 28
Total Carbohydrates 0g
Total Sugar 0g
Alcohol by volume 20%

Product Details

LUXLO Passion Fruit - For GIN LOVERS, is packed with rich, fragrant, tropical flavours and aromas, using natural botanicals, individually distilled to create their depth of flavour. 100% sugar free and vibrantly vegan, LUXLO Passion Fruit is staggeringly only 28 calories per serve and just 20% abv. Simply fill your glass with ice and a generous measure of LUXLO Passion Fruit and mixer of your choice and transport yourself to your own tropical paradise.



Nutritional Information (Per 25ml Serving)

- 70cl Bottle
- 20% ABV
- 28 Calories
- 0g Carbohydrates
- 0g Sugar
- Gluten Free
- Sulphur Free
- Vegan 
- Vegetarian

Tasting Notes


Nose: Highly perfumed, succulent passion fruit aroma

Body: full bodied and smooth

Palate: A tropical flavour burst - tangy and sharp balanced with a slight sweetness

Finish: Delicious botanical spices with deep, rich flavours and a long fruit finish