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EU regulatory standards on Light Alcohol

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Good Morning All,

Due to some regulatory changes in the advertising laws of Low Calorie products we have been forced to change some of the wording around our website. We of course specialise in Lower Calorie alternatives but this language can not be used anymore. It has to be Light/Lite or reduced energy. This of course really affects the message that we are trying to put across and may effect the way customers look at our products.

We have been aiming for over 3 years to simply bring an adequate alternative to the masses and this regulation of the wording seems to be very indicative of the attitude towards Low Calorie Alcohol in the UK Market. Nieave and unwilling to change or facilitate a change.

We will be battling this one through but for those who get chance to read through this. The message is the same as it always has been and that is the trust the the products we have are the most incredible alternatives you will find out there in the market.

Keep your eyes peeled also for some incredible launches coming very soon. Light Wine at its finest.


Thomas Bell

Managing Director and Founder

SkinnyBooze Ltd

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