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Our Mission

DrinkWell exists because you deserve to drink incredible wines, beers and spirits that fit into your lifestyle. We want to let consumers know that they can still enjoy alcohol while championing a healthier lifestyle.

DrinkWell focuses on bringing the world’s best selection of lighter calorie drinks to the UK from independent, innovative producers across the globe. From zero sugar wines, low carb beers and lighter spirits, there’s something for everyone.

The Beginning of DrinkWell

Tom Bell, founder of DrinkWell, ventured into the ‘better for you’ alcoholic drinks category over a decade ago. Being part of a rugby club, he was part of a big drinking culture too; heading straight to the pub to celebrate after a game. However Tom became more conscious about the impact this was having on his health.

While trying to find a better alcohol alternative, Tom was surprised to discover there were no suppliers in the UK that made alcoholic drinks that were lighter in calories, sugars and carbs that didn’t have their flavour compromised as a result.

Noticing a gap in the market, he imported some lighter beers and then went on to create his own beer, Skinny Lager. A crisp, clean tasting beer with just 89 calories per bottle, Skinny Lager is now one of the leading low-carb beers in the category and was the beginning of DrinkWell.

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The Truth about Alcohol

While consumers are becoming increasingly more health conscious, Tom found that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding alcoholic drinks, such as what is actually in the wine, beer and spirits that they are consuming.

Most recently the low and no alcoholic drinks category has begun to boom. When people are trying to shed a few pounds or simply be healthier they will often reach for alcohol free beverages instead without realising these have higher sugar, carb and calorie content than their alcoholic counterpart.

Campaigning for Change

For the past three years, Tom has been campaigning for greater awareness of calorie numbers in alcoholic drinks, calling for up to date nutritional labelling across all alcoholic products and menus.

Part of DrinkWell’s mission is to help people make more informed and conscious decisions on what they are drinking. All of the alcohol available on DrinkWell clearly declares the nutritional values of every bottle on the product page of our website and lets you know how this compared to industry standard too.

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Drinks for all lifestyles

At DrinkWell, we don’t just cater to people who are looking to make healthier choices, we stock alcohol for anyone with specific dietary requirements.

A large selection of our drinks are created using zero animal products throughout the whole winemaking process, making them suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. Similarly, we have a wide range of products that are also organic, gluten-free and suitable for diabetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the wine stocked on DrinkWell sugar free?

We tend to source our wine from cooler regions as they usually naturally have lower sugar levels. The grapes used in the wine are picked first thing in the morning when the temperature is at its lowest which reduces the volume of active sugars in the wine making process and therefore in the product. There are also other more innovative ways reducing sugar can be done such as ‘Cone Spinning’. The wine is filtered through a cone-spinning process which removes all the residual sugars in the wine and often results in a 0g product.

Does the wine contain any sweeteners? 

No. All of our wine is naturally flavoured. Sugar or sweeteners in wine do not offer much flavour. Flavour simply sits in the sugar in your mouth. When you remove the sugar, it does not remove the flavour, it just reduces the length of the flavour staying in your taste buds. Therefore, low-sugar wine does not taste any different, it just doesn’t last as long.

How do your wine and beers compare to industry standards?

Our wines will save you up to 20g of sugar compared to industry standards. With our beers, you will save up to 150g of carbohydrates. We put the nutritional values of every drink we stock in the product description on our website along with how they compared to industry standards.

Are your products suitable for diabetics?

We certainly do not underestimate the impact that alcohol has on the body and encourage anyone with diabetes to take extra precautions when consuming alcohol. However, our products at DrinkWell are far more suitable for diabetics than other mainstream alcoholic drinks and even no and low beverages. The significant levels of sugar and carbohydrates in a lot of alcohol can dramatically increase blood sugar levels. With lighter sugar levels and nutritional values for every product clearly displayed on our site, the drinks available at DrinkWell are easily for diabetics to keep track of their sugar intake. Read more in our blog about alcohol and diabetes here.

Are your products suitable for menopausal women?

Yes. When going through menopause, some women experience something called ‘insulin resistance’, caused by a change in hormones and can result in a sensitivity to sugar and negative effects after its consumption. High sugar intake can make menopausal symptoms worse in general. Women who are going through menopause do. We have proudly partnered with GenM to make sure we can constantly deliver on the needs of our menopausal customers.

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