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Diabetes & Alcohol

Diabetes & Alcohol

How can you live with diabetes and still enjoy alcohol responsibly?

What options do you have how can we help?

There are roughly 3,600,000 people in the UK, who are diagnosed with diabetes, and another 900,000 are estimated to be undiagnosed. The impact diabetes has on the day-to-day lives is hugely significant and those who suffer no how difficult it is to adapt their life to make sure they stay on top of their illness. Living a full and healthy life, with modern day medicines is very possible, but it’s the adaptations to lifestyle and diet that can have some of the biggest impacts.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, for those who suffer with diabetes, it can be a treacherous task to navigate insulin and balancing blood sugar levels, whilst trying to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends and family or simply trying to discover a new favourite drink. What makes this task even harder is that there is still no nutritional information required on any alcoholic beverages within the UK making sugar consumption practically impossible for those trying to avoid needless impacts.

There are a few vital things to consider when those of diabetes are wanting to drink alcohol.

Firstly, many alcoholic products are high in calories, and making sure you stay at a healthy weight and not over-consume on calories can help your body battle diabetes in a more efficient way.

Secondly, a huge proportion of alcoholic products have significant levels of sugar and excess carbohydrates within them. Making it more difficult for the body to counterbalance and increase the risk of hypos.

Lastly, the liver stores excess glucose that can be released into the bloodstream to counterbalance the risk of a hypo. However, alcohol inhibits the liver in doing this efficiently. Therefore, drinking within moderation and sensibly is vitally important.

So where does Drinkwell come into this and how can we help?

We have hundreds if not thousands of customers all over the UK who suffer with diabetes and rely on Drinkwell to provide them products that significantly help them enjoy their drinks and reduce the worry and risk of health impacts.

Firstly, consuming products that have zero sugar and little to no carbs in them significantly reduces the risk of blood sugar spikes while drinking.

Secondly, consuming products that have slightly less alcohol, reduces the impact on the ability of the liver to support normal function. However, what is so important here is that these products maintain a superior quality over non-alcoholic or lower alcoholic beverages.

Lastly, non-alcoholic beverages and lower alcoholic beverages all have significantly higher sugar and carbohydrate values than standard products. The removal of alcohol means there is an introduction of excess sugar, and carbohydrates and commonly chemicals to balance flavours and provide a profile similar to that of a standard product.

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Non - Alcoholic beverages can be even worse...

  • As an example, Heineken, 0% has 1100% more sugar than the original.
  • San Miguel 0% has over 70% more carbohydrates than the original.
  • Non-alcoholic wines that we have tested have over 60 g of sugar per litre.

The impact of these beverages has so far gone undocumented, but if you look at other consumer sectors, those high sugar and highly modified products similar to many non-alcoholic beverages come with advice to avoid them.

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy high quality and superior drinks. 

Drinkwell is here to provide you with alternatives that fit more closely with the lifestyle that you require to live a happy and healthy life. With dozens of testimonials from those who suffer with diabetes and enjoy our beverages without any adverse impact that they normally suffer when drinking wine or beer.

Reducing calorie intake and reducing sugar and carbohydrates intake can only be a good thing for those who suffer when these are consumed in excess.

We can’t underestimate the impact alcohol has on the body, and we have to remember that it is only something we should enjoy sensibly and reasonably within our own personal requirements and limits.

If you have diabetes and have struggled to find alcohol that fits in with your lifestyle, or have tried to find wines or beers that reduce the sugar and carbohydrate content – look no further.

We are proud to support those who have diabetes and will always do our upmost to provide accurate information for all those that need it. We display all calories sugars and carbohydrate content across our wine and beer portfolio for that very reason. Clarity is key for everyone, but none more so than those who suffer with an illness that can be so severely affected by drinking alcoholic beverages that do not support the diet. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on. Hello@DrinkWellUK.com.

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