Vegetarian Low Calorie Beer

At DrinkWell, we aim to provide vegetarians within the UK with a great alcohol selection that doesn’t compromise on flavour or quality. Remain committed to your vegetarian lifestyle, whilst still enjoying a beer on a sunny day with friends and family. Not only will you find a great selection of vegetarian options, but our beers are also suitable for those who are looking for lower-calorie alternatives.

Vegetarian Low Calorie Beer
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                        What does our Vegetarian Beer Collection Include?

                        Our vegetarian beer collection includes a variety of lower-calorie beers, lagers, and IPAs that are made without meat-derived processing aids. Our specialists have tested every product we stock, to ensure you get the finest quality products at DrinkWell.

                        We work with some of the best brewers across the globe, who specialise in creating low-carb beers, for those of you who are watching your waistline. If you’d like to find out more about where the calories in beer come from, read our recent blog post.

                        If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend the SkinnyBrands premium lager cans. SkinnyBrands is a market leader in the UK for healthier alcohol options, that still offer a flavour-packed punch. Not only are these beers low-carb, but they are also vegan and gluten-free, so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

                        Why is Some Beer not Vegetarian?

                        The four ingredients commonly found in beer are water, a grain like barley or wheat, yeast, and hops. Whilst these ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, sometimes breweries add animal-derived ingredients to aid the brewing process. Isinglass, made from fish, is sometimes used as a fining agent in non-vegetarian beers. Fortunately, the vegetarian beers stocked at DrinkWell are free from meat-derived ingredients and processing aids.

                        What is the Lowest Calorie Vegetarian Beer available at DrinkWell?

                        All products stocked at DrinkWell offer a tasty lower calorie option to your everyday choice. Tennents Light Lager offers the lowest calorie content in our entire beer collection, coming in at just 60 calories per bottle. This lager doesn’t compromise on flavour, and still offers the refreshing, malty taste that we all know and love.

                        We’d also recommend the Gen!us Craft Lager, for those who love a smooth, citrus finish. With just 79 calories per bottle, you can enjoy this lager guilt-free with family and friends on a hot summer afternoon.