Low Calorie White Wine

Discover delicious fruity wines that don’t compromise on quality or flavours.

At DrinkWell, we offer a wide range of lower calorie white wines, sourced from top-quality...  Read more

Discover delicious fruity wines that don’t compromise on quality or flavours.

At DrinkWell, we offer a wide range of lower calorie white wines, sourced from top-quality vineyards around the world. Whether you’re looking for a reduced calorie white wine, lower carb white wine, or are simply looking for vegan-friendly or gluten-free options, we have something for everyone. It’s our aim to make wine enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Take a look at our reduced calorie white wine range and see for yourself. We’re sure that you’ll keep coming back for more! Explore our full range below and buy white wine from DrinkWell today. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with our sommeliers. 

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White Wine FAQs

What Does Our White Wine Collection Include?

Our reduced calorie white wine collection includes an assortment of dry, fresh, and sweet lower calorie options. We’ve sourced a wide range of your favourite white wines, from crisp chardonnays to zesty chenin blancs, and everything in between. Stop compromising on flavour, and find your new old favourite with DrinkWell.

Why not try one of our bestselling lower calorie white wines; Mirror Lake Sauvignon Blanc. This reduced calorie white wine from New Zealand combines notes of gooseberry and passion fruit with a crisp finish and contains just 79 calories and 0g of sugar per serving.

Or, why not give the B&G - Sauvignon Blanc a go? This lower calorie white wine is brought to you by the oldest wine retailer in Bordeaux and exudes time-perfected quality. With just 72 calories and 0g sugar per serving, you might find that this fast becomes your new favourite. Check out our recent blog to learn more about lower-calorie white wines, and why they taste different to your mainstream favourites.

What is the Lowest Calorie White Wine Available At DrinkWell?

Whilst our whole white wine range is relatively low in calories, our lowest-calorie bottle contains just 65 calories per 125ml glass. The Sunny With a Chance of Flowers - Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white offering notes of fresh ruby grapefruit, pineapple, and fresh cut grass - ideal for serving at BBQs with friends! 

Another low calorie white wine option from ourselves is the B&G Sauvignon Blanc containing only 72 calories per glass. This delicious drink offers strong citrus aromas, paired with deeper notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit. 

How Many Calories Are in a Bottle Of White Wine?

The DrinkAware website estimates that a standard 175ml glass of 13% ABV white wine contains approximately 159 calories. This works out at around 667 calories per full bottle of white wine. If you’re watching your waistline, why not explore a low calorie white wine alternative? The lowest calorie white wine available at DrinkWell comes in at just 390 calories per 750ml bottle - perfect for those who still wish to indulge from time to time!

Which Type Of White Wine Contains the Most Calories?

Typically, most supermarket white wines will fall somewhere between 550 calories and 680 calories per bottle. However, this usually depends on the type of white wine you choose to enjoy. Chardonnays, on average, contain around 615 calories per 750ml bottle, whereas Rieslings come in at a slightly lower 590 calories per bottle. If you’re looking to buy white wine with a lower calorie content, explore our range. 

How Long Does White Wine Last Once Open?

White wines last anywhere between three to seven days, providing they are stored properly in the fridge (i.e. re-corked properly, or with a lid on). Lighter white wines, such as Chenin Blanc tend to last slightly longer when compared to full-bodied wines.

Which White Wines are Vegan?

If you’re looking for a collection of vegan white wines, explore the collection from DrinkWell - our wines are created using zero animal products throughout the winemaking process. The collection includes vegan Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc, and more. 

What is Dry White Wine?

Simply put, dry wines are white wines that aren’t considered to be sweet. Examples include Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and the popular Sauvignon Blanc, all of which are considered to be ‘crisp’ and ‘refreshing’. In technical terms, white wines are ‘dry’ if they contain less than 1% of leftover (residual) sugar once the fermentation process is complete.

What is a White Wine Spritzer?

A firm favourite in the summertime is a refreshing white wine spritzer, ideal for those looking for a longer drink whilst still enjoying those delicious fruity aromas. White wine spritzers combine wine with club soda or sparkling water. Add ice to enhance the crisp notes even further and garnish with herbs and fresh fruit.