Low Calorie Beer

Are you looking for a low-calorie beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour? DrinkWell has a range of reduced-calorie beers and lagers sourced from some of the best-emerging brewers on the market around. Our beers contain 35% fewer calories than regular lager providing a fantastic alternative selection for anyone on a low carb diet who still enjoys the taste of a nice cold refreshing beer. Take a closer look at our lower-calorie lagers and order your first case today.

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                                  How many calories are in a low-calorie beer?

                                  Beer is notoriously high in both calories in carbs. On average, a pint of 5% ABV beer contains around 240 calories (current NHS estimate) - about the same amount as you will find in a slice of pizza from a takeaway! In terms of carbs, standard beer is actually one of the highest carb alcoholic drinks you can get. Regular beers often pack upwards of 14g of carbs per can, with the actual figure often being much higher than this. For example, a pint of Corona contains around 22g of carbs, whilst a pint of Stella Artois contains almost 18g of carbs.

                                  Low calorie beer at DrinkWell

                                  However, it’s not all doom and gloom! In recognition of the ever-growing demand for lower calorie and lower carb alcoholic drinks, forward-thinking and pioneering breweries from across the world have been working hard to bring lower-carb beers to the market.

                                  Here at DrinkWell, we have made it our mission to find our customers the best lower calorie and lower carb beers that the world has to offer. After 10 years of hard graft and searching, we now have a huge collection of top-quality light beers that we are very proud of. In fact, our collection has now become so varied and exciting that our customers are spoilt for choice and can have a hard time choosing which beer to order! That’s why we have introduced our mixed beer cases - giving you a handpicked selection of our favorite lower-calorie beer, so you don’t have to choose just one!

                                  How many calories and carbs are in beers?

                                  In terms of calorie content, the beers in our mixed beer case range from just 60 calories per bottle to a maximum of 99 calories per bottle. If it’s carbs you are interested in, you’ll be pleased to know that the highest carb content you will find in any bottle of beer in our mixed beer case is just 3.5g, making the mixed beer case suited to a low carb diet such as keto. In fact, one of the beers - Tennents Light -contains just 0.7g of carbs per bottle! The table below shows a breakdown of the calorie and carb content in each of the beers in our mixed beer case.

                                  Beer Calories per bottle  Carbs per bottle 
                                  SkinnyBrands Lager Bottle  89 3g
                                  Marstons Resolution Ale Bottle 88 3.5g
                                  Kona Light 99 3.15g
                                  Omission Light Bottle 99 3g
                                  Tennents Light Lager Bottle 60 0.7g
                                  DrinkWell IPA Bottle 99 3g

                                  How many calories are there in a pint of beer?

                                  The number of calories in a pint varies considerably between different types of beer. The prevailing opinion is generally that the darker the beer and the denser the head, the more carbs and calories it contains. We’ve found, however, that this isn’t actually always the case. For instance, using the myfitnesspal database, we can see some pretty surprising numbers below:

                                  • Pint Kronenbourg (5.0% ABV): 244 calories
                                  • Pint Peroni (5.1% ABV): 235 calories
                                  • Pint Budweiser (4.5% ABV): 232 calories
                                  • Pint Cobra (4.8% ABV): 228 calories
                                  • Pint Heineken (5.0% ABV): 227 calories
                                  • Pint Stella Artois (4.8% ABV): 227 calories
                                  • Pint Becks (4.8% ABV): 226 calories
                                  • Pint Guinness (4.1% ABV): 210 calories
                                  • Pint Skinny Lager (4.0% ABV): 149 calories