Sparkling cases

Discover our range of reduced calorie Sparkling Wines. This range of spectacular, lower calorie sparkling wine is mostly vegan friendly and zero sugar whilst not compromising on taste or quality. Buy yours today. 

Sparkling cases

Low Calorie Sparkling Wine Cases

If you’re a fan of our low calorie sparkling wines, why not try our lower calorie wine cases and discover more? Each of our lower calorie sparkling wine cases contain an average of 78 calories per serving, 0g sugar, and are 100% gluten-free. What’s not to love?

With DrinkWell, you don’t need to choose between your diet and your favourite treats. You won’t find a better lower calorie wine case than this for those that want a lower calorie prosecco, or other lower calorie sparkling wines, that still deliver top quality and flavour you can’t beat.

What Do Our Reduced Calorie White Wine Cases Include?

Our lower calorie sparkling wine cases contain a range of our bestselling reduced calorie, zero sugar sparkling wines. Choose from the Bubbles, Darling case, or the BIG Bubbles, Darling case depending on the size of your wine rack.

Each lower calorie wine case includes some of our favourite reduced calorie sparkling wines, such as the award-winning Skinny Witch sugar-free prosecco, and the classic, Italian La Gioiosa; a reduced calorie, sugar-free prosecco with a hint of lemon and a surprising note of almond on the finish.

What is the Lowest Calorie White Wine Case at DrinkWell?

There is very little difference between the average calorie content of our sparkling wine cases. The Bubbles, Darling case contains an average of 78 calories per serving, whilst the BIG Bubbles, Darling case contains an average of 77.5 calories per serving. We recommend choosing your lower calorie sparkling wine case based on the amount of wine you need, rather than their calorie content.

Where are Your Lower Calorie White Wines From?

As you can imagine, many of our lower calorie, sugar-free proseccos and other sparkling wines come from Italy. But, you might find one or two from France, and other European vineyards.

If sparkling wine isn’t quite your thing, we also offer lower calorie red wine cases, lower calorie white wine cases, and lower calorie rose wine cases.