Low Calorie Red Wine

Discover your new favourite lower calorie and low sugar red wine at DrinkWell.

If you’ve been searching for a lower calorie red wine that still delivers...  Read more

Discover your new favourite lower calorie and low sugar red wine at DrinkWell.

If you’ve been searching for a lower calorie red wine that still delivers top quality and deliciously fruity, smokey, or woody flavours, look no further. DrinkWell offers a wide range of top-quality, reduced calorie red and white wines from around the world, many of which are also lower in sugar, lower in carbs, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

Our collection of low calorie red wines features mostly ethically grown wines from across the world. Whether you’re a fan of European classics from France and Italy, or are looking to try a New World favourite, we have a wide range of options to meet your needs. Explore our full range below and buy red wine from DrinkWell today. 

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                        Red Wine FAQs

                        Which Red Wines are Included in the Collection?

                        At DrinkWell, we source a wide range of top-quality red wines, including our bestseller, Chateau Barrail Laussac Bordeaux. This low calorie red wine is a traditional French Bordeaux that is an impeccable display of quality. Chateau Barrail Laussac Bordeaux contains just 89 calories, 0g sugar and 0g carbs per 125ml, and is both vegan-friendly and 100% gluten-free.

                        Or, why not buy the red wine El Ninot de Paper Tinto, a reduced calorie red wine from Spain? This low calorie red wine delivers a palate of blackberries and plums, balanced with soft tannins, and accompanied by spicy aromas. The best bit is that this delicious dry red wine contains only 85 calories and 0g sugar per serving.

                        What Locations Are Our Red Wines From?

                        With DrinkWell, you can discover new flavours and hidden gems from around the world. Our range of lower calorie red wines is sourced from top-quality vineyards across the globe, from traditional European vineyards in France and Italy, to New World wonders in California, Australia, and Chile.

                        If you want to discover more about our red wine collection from all around the world, check out our article on New World wines. More information about our red wine range can be found in our ‘Guide To Low Carb Red Wine’.

                        How Many Calories Are in a Bottle Of Red Wine?

                        If you’re buying wine from your local supermarket or wine stockist, a standard bottle of red is likely to contain anywhere from 655 calories per bottle of Zinfandel, to 615 calories per bottle of Pinot Noir. That's an average of 109 calories per 125ml glass! At DrinkWell, we specialise in sourcing the lowest calorie red wines available on the market, which can be purchased from our website. 

                        What’s The Lowest Calorie Red Wine Available At DrinkWell?

                        The lowest calorie red wine we stock at DrinkWell is the Sunny With a Chance of Flowers - Pinot Noir which only contains 64 calories per glass, and just 384 calories per bottle.

                        We also stock the Cuvee La Rossa 450, which has become a firm favourite in our lower calorie red wine range. Containing just 75 calories, 0g sugar, and 0g carbohydrates per serving, this is a great option for those looking to reduce their calorie intake, without sacrificing great wine. 

                        How Many Units Are in a Bottle Of Red Wine?

                        With an ABV of 13.5%, a standard bottle of wine contains ten units on average. For red wine with a lower ABV, such as 10%, you can expect to find 7.5 units in a whole bottle. Keep in mind that some red wines, particularly those of the dessert variety, can reach up to 17% ABV. 

                        How Long Does Red Wine Last Once Open?

                        Opened red wine bottles will last anywhere from three to five days when stored in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Keep in mind that the type of red wine opened will change how long each bottle lasts. For example, thicker red wines will last longer than lighter wines, such as pinot noir. Providing your wine is sealed back up with a lid or a cork, it can be stored in the fridge. Don’t forget to bring the wine back up to room temperature before enjoying with friends. 

                        How Long Do Red Wines Last Unopened?

                        Red wines can last anywhere from three to ten years depending on the type of red wine and the conditions the bottle is stored in. The higher the tannin levels in your wine, the longer it will last as these chemicals help prevent oxidation. If your bottle of red has a cork rather than a screw top, store the wine on its side to keep the cork moist and prevent oxygen from reaching the wine. 

                        Is Red Wine Gluten Free?

                        Yes, red wine is gluten free. The distillation processes of both red and white wines remove any traces of wheat malt and barley, as well as other ingredients that may contain gluten. Explore our other collections and buy red wine and gluten free options.

                        What is a ‘Full Bodied’ Red Wine?

                        ‘Full-bodied’ wines are wines that feel thick or viscous in the mouth, and generally, red wines tend to feel more ‘full-bodied’ than white wines. The thickness of the wine is usually determined by the alcohol concentration, tannin content, and the warmth of the grape’s climate.