Vegetarian Wines

At DrinkWell, we offer a wide range of vegetarian wines that are suitable for any occasion. All wines included in our vegetarian range are made without processing aids derived from meat, which means you can enjoy a tasty beverage without compromising on your dietary requirements.

Our products are sourced with your health in mind, offering beverages with reduced calories and reduced sugar. Discover our range of handpicked vegetarian wines below.

Vegetarian Wines

What does our Vegetarian Wine Collection Include?

We’ve handpicked a range of vegetarian wines for you to enjoy. From zesty whites to deep and full-bodied reds, and everything in between, our vegetarian range offers something suitable for everyone. If you are calorie-conscious, our products offer a healthier alternative to your everyday choice, without compromising on taste or quality.

Why not start with our best seller? The Galeam Monastrell Organic Red, contains dark fruity aromas, with hints of ripe blackcurrant and black pepper. The supple tannins add depth and complexity, resulting in luxurious full-bodied red. At just 85 calories per 125 ml, and zero sugar, you can go guilt-free with every glass.

We love nothing more than helping people discover their new favourite bottle. Get in touch with our team for tailored suggestions, or more information about our vegetarian wines.

Why is Some Wine Not Vegetarian?

Very few wines contain meat-derived ingredients. Some wines are ‘fined’ with animal ingredients during the creation of the wine. Ingredients used during the fining process can sometimes include Isinglass, which is made from fish, and therefore not suitable for vegetarians. Fortunately, DrinkWell is proud to make it easy for you to select vegetarian-friendly wines on our website.

What is the Lowest Calorie Vegetarian Wine available at DrinkWell?

The lowest calorie vegetarian wines are available from Sunny with a Chance of Flowers. With delicious notes of golden apple and pear, the Chardonnay contains just 65 calories per glass (125 ml). If you prefer a toasty red, why not try the Pinot Noir, which contains 64 calories per glass. Sunny wines also contain zero sugar and are mindfully made in California. Read more about the range in one of our latest blog posts.