Low-Carb Ales

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Whether you're counting carbs or simply looking for a lighter beer alternative, our Low Carb Ales are here to satisfy your cravings. In this collection, you will find our...  Read more

  • Lean Brew IPA

    Lean Brew IPA

    Avg. ABV: 4.1%
    Avg. 99Calories
    Avg. 4gCarbs
    £15.99 £22.99 a case
  • The Löwecal IPA

    The Löwecal IPA

    Avg. ABV: 4.4%
    Avg. 100Calories
    Avg. <1gCarbs
    £26.99 a case
  • Gen!us Craft IPA

    Gen!us Craft IPA

    Avg. ABV: 3%
    Avg. 79Calories
    Avg. 6.6gCarbs
    £22.99 a case
  • Laguna Hazy Pale Ale

    Laguna Hazy Pale Ale

    Avg. ABV: 4.6%
    Avg. 105Calories
    Avg. 1gCarbs
  • Magic Lite IPA

    Magic Lite IPA

    Avg. ABV: 3.50%
    Avg. 68Calories
    Avg. 2gCarbs