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Calories in Mulled Wine

Calories in Mulled Wine

We all love the festive period, the presents and all the time with family and friends. We over indulge on everything, but thats the point of Christmas right?

Mulled wine plays such a huge part of the traditional Christmas drink selection and there are lots of options to chose from. All major supermarkets have their own options and there are multiple German Gluhwein brands throughout alcohol retail up and down the UK.

Problem is, nobody knows what is in these products nutritionally and the truth is quite surprising. Red wine warmed with spices is absolutely not what you get. However, if you shop red wine with DrinkWell, you can reduce the sugar and calorie content: 

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Nutrition details (per 125ml)
Carbohydrates 0g
Each bottle saves you (vs standard average*):


*Statistics based from Drinkaware 2023 and Alcohol Health Alliance 2022

This case has been carefully curated to select the world's best sugar free red wines. Expertly created by leading winemakers, ... read more

Nutritional Value of Red Wine

Below is a nutritional review of all those that have been tested by DrinkWell, and we want to give you the facts.

Check out the sugar and calories in the range of Mulled Wines we have had tested, the facts and figures.

Mulled Wine ABV% Calories per 100ml Sugar per 100ml
Tesco Mulled Wine 8% 85 12.6
Iceland Mulled Wine 10% 105 16.5
Harvest Mulled Wine 8% 92 14.6
Majestic Mulled Wine 8% 92 14.6
Morrisons Mulled Wine 10% 102 15.9
Sainsbury's Mulled Wine 11% 107 14.5
Belgars Mulled Wine 8% 72 10.5
Saturnus 1893 11% 105 14
Harvey Nichols  11% 102 17


Should we bring out our own version with lower calories and sugar? Something that offers everything you want without all the sugar and calories of the those already in the market.

This Christmas we have launched a red wine gift, including two of our best selling red wines, perfect for using to make your own mulled wine or gifting.

Or, you can discover our full selection of red wines here.

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