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  • Customers have saved over 109 million calories
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Can You Consume No & Low Alcohol Drinks When Pregnant?

Can You Consume No & Low Alcohol Drinks When Pregnant?

No & Low alcohol drinks have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, which is not surprising given that we live in an ever-increasingly health conscious society. In fact, the IWSR (the most trusted, accurate and widely used source for beverage alcohol trends in the world) predicts that the low & no alcohol drinks market will grow by 31% in volume by 2024. But are these low & no alcohol drinks safe to consume whilst pregnant? Any mother-to-be will quite rightly have some questions about the safety of low & no alcohol drinks, so we have put together this blog to help you decide whether to drink no & low alcohol drinks whilst pregnant.

What Are No and Low Alcohol Drinks?

There was a time when the only drinks available to you if you were avoiding alcohol were standard soft drinks such as fizzy drinks and fruit juice. Whilst these drinks are great refreshing choices, for many people a lemonade somewhat misses the spot when used to replace a pint of beer in the pub. Thankfully, the drinks market has woken up and responded to the large and growing number of people who do not want to drink alcohol but do want to enjoy the complex and distinct flavours associated with alcoholic drinks.

From zero alcohol gins, to low alcohol beers and even alcohol free wines, there is now a low & no alcohol drink to suit everyone, whatever your taste and whatever your reason for not drinking. Best of all, you won’t have any trouble finding no & low alcohol drinks anymore, as a wide variety are now stocked in most bars, pubs and restaurants - no more missing out on nights out! Of course, when you are pregnant you may not always feel like going out and standing in a packed bar - but don’t worry, as here at Drink Well we have an exciting range of no alcohol drinks delivered straight to your door, so you can enjoy them without even having to leave the house!

But what exactly counts as being low alcohol, and how are low and no alcohol drinks made? Technically speaking, a drink is considered to be ‘low alcohol’ when it has an ABV of between 0.05% and 1.2%. This is a significantly lower ABV than you will usually find in a drink that is labelled as ‘reduced’ alcohol, which just means that the drink contains less alcohol than the average strength of that particular drink. For example, many popular reduced alcohol wines contain around 5.5% ABV, so you will definitely be safer avoiding these whilst pregnant.

There are several methods used to create no and low alcohol drinks, varying between the type of drink being made. As the most popular no and low alcohol drink, we will focus on the ways no and low alcohol beer can be made. There are 4 common methods used to produce no and low alcohol beer, including:

  • Dealcoholisation, where the beer is brewed in the traditional way, but the alcohol is removed through methods such as distillation.
  • Limited fermentation, meaning less sugar is converted into alcohol during fermentation, either by including less fermentable sugar or by stopping fermentation early.
  • Dilution, where the beer is produced in the traditional way and then diluted with water to reduce the ABV.
  • No fermentation, where brewers avoid fermentation altogether and use other processes and recipe tweaks to make a drink that resembles beer.

Are No and Low Alcohol Drinks Safe to Drink When Pregnant?

You don’t need us to tell you that drinking during pregnancy can pose a serious health risk to your unborn baby. Because your baby cannot process alcohol in the same way you can, drinking heavily during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and your baby having a low birth weight. Further risks include your child developing learning difficulties and behavioural problems, as well as a serious condition called foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

As yet, experts have not been able to identify what level of alcohol, if any, is safe to consume whilst pregnant, and so the NHS advises that expectant mothers should avoid drinking alcohol altogether - a statement that we would like to echo here at Drink Well. However, we recognise that pregnancy is a time to celebrate, so we are pleased to be able to offer a number of alcohol free drinks for you to enjoy whilst pregnant - keep reading to find out more about our current offerings.

No Alcohol Drinks Available at DrinkWell

Brand new to DrinkWell is an incredible range of alcohol-free drinks. Our expert taste testers have sampled hundreds of non-alcoholic drinks to bring you healthier options that are almost too good to be true. Some of our favourites are below.

Lowlander Wit 0.00%

Sometimes, all you want is to crack open a bottle of beer and put your feet up. Lowlander Wit is a true alcohol free beer with refreshing witbier taste and crisp citrus undertones. What’s more, it has only 92 calories, and is suitable for vegans. Sit back and enjoy a quality Dutch beer, available to purchase from the Drink Well website for £23.99 for a crate of 12 bottles.

Vilarnau Sparkling Brut Rosé 0.0%

Perfect for raising a toast at your baby shower, this alcohol free sparkling brut is a great way to celebrate whilst you need to avoid the alcoholic fizz. Vilarnau Sparkling Brut Rosé is an alcohol free sparkling white wine from the San Sadurní d’Anoia region in Spain, using the Parellada and Macabeu grapes. With notes of green apple, blossom, verbena, citrus, and almond, this alcohol-free sparkling white wine contains an astonishingly low amount of calories at just 29 calories per serving! You can order a bottle of this carefully crafted sparkling wine from the Drink Well website for just £7.99.

Nocktail Strawberry Daiquiri

With all the fun of a regular cocktail, the Nocktail Strawberry Daiquiri is an alcohol free cocktail with natural rum flavour and subtle hints of black pepper. Who said being pregnant has to stop all the fun?! With only 33 calories and 2.5g of sugar per serving, this mocktail is the perfect guilt-free alcohol-free option for a big night in. On top of this, this Strawberry Daiquiri is suitable for vegans and 100% Fairtrade - what’s not to love! You can purchase a case of 12 cans of Nocktail Strawberry Daiquiri from the Drink Well website for £24.00.

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