Chemicals in wine - the truth and the solution

Chemicals in wine - the truth and the solution

Uncorking Transparency: DrinkWell's Commitment to Natural Wines

In the vast world of wine, there's more to consider than just the grape varietal and region. Behind every bottle lies a story of craftsmanship, but also a list of ingredients that might surprise you. Did you know that the European Union allows numerous chemical additives in winemaking? At DrinkWell, we believe in transparency and offer wines that steer clear of these additives, providing a more natural and wholesome drinking experience.

Under EU wine making legislation, a multitude of chemical additives are permitted for various purposes, ranging from acidification and clarification to preservation and stabilisation. While these additives may serve practical functions in winemaking, their presence can detract from the purity and authenticity of the final product. As lovers of wine and advocates for wellness, we've made it our mission to source wines that minimise or eliminate these additives altogether.

For over a decade, DrinkWell has been dedicated to promoting wines with minimal sugar content. We understand the impact excessive sugar consumption can have on our health and well-being. Now, we're taking our commitment a step further by advocating for wines that are free from other harmful chemicals commonly found in winemaking.

One of the largest additives often used in winemaking is sugar. Our focus on low-sugar wines has resonated with health-conscious consumers seeking a balanced lifestyle. However, we recognise that sugar is just one piece of the puzzle. The proliferation of other chemical additives poses additional concerns for consumers who prioritise their health and the purity of what they consume.

That's why we're getting more militant about sourcing wines that adhere to our strict standards of natural winemaking. By partnering with producers who share our values, we ensure that every bottle we offer is crafted with integrity and transparency. We believe in knowing exactly what goes into your wine, just as you would with any other food or beverage you consume.

At DrinkWell, we're passionate about empowering consumers to make informed choices about what they put into their bodies. By curating a selection of wines free from unnecessary chemical additives, we provide an opportunity for wine lovers to enjoy their favorite beverage without compromising on their health and well-being.

It's time to get clear about what's in your wine. If you love wine but also love yourself, DrinkWell is the place for you. Join us in raising a glass to natural, additive-free wines that nourish both body and soul. Cheers to a healthier way to enjoy the pleasures of wine!


Here is a table for the number of registered chemicals that can be used in EU wine making.

Type or purpose of addition Permitted additives
Acidification tartaric acid
Clarification calcium alginate
potassium alginate
potassium caseinate
silicon dioxide
edible gelatine
acacia (gum arabic)
proteins of plant origin
ovalbumin (egg white)
alumino silicates
ferrous sulfate
Decolourants polyvinyl-polypyr-rolidone (PVPP)
activated charcoal
Deacidification lactic bacteria
neutral potassium tartrate
potassium bicarbonate
calcium carbonate
Deodorant copper sulfate
Elaboration oak chips
metatartaric acid
Enrichment concentrated grape must
rectified concentrated grape must
Enzymes betaglucanase
Fermentation fresh lees
ammonium bisulphite
thiamine hydrochloride
yeast cell walls
yeasts for wine production
diammonium phosphate
ammonium sulphate
ammonium sulphite
Sequestrants fresh lees
potassium ferrocyanide
calcium phytate
citric acid
Stabilisation calcium tartrate
potassium bitartrate
yeast mannoproteins
Preservatives sorbic acid
sulphur dioxide
potassium bisulphite
dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC)
carbon dioxide
potassium metabisulphite/disulfite
allyl isothiocyanate
potassium sorbate
ascorbic acid

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