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DrinkWell Founder Raises Glass to Increased Calorie Labelling on Alcohol

DrinkWell Founder Raises Glass to Increased Calorie Labelling on Alcohol

DrinkWell founder, Tom Bell, is backing the latest government plans for increased nutritional labelling on alcohol aimed at tackling the UK obesity crisis. Tom started the business nine years ago to challenge a lack of low calorie drink options available on the market and has campaigned for greater transparency on drinks packaging ever since.

The Government plans were reported in papers over the weekend with beers, wines and spirits all expected to be impacted by the move. Until now, alcohol has been exempt from calorie labelling over fears raised by manufacturers that it would be too harmful on sales figures.

“The government’s plans to add increased nutritional information on alcohol packaging is fantastic news,” said Tom. “For over 9 years I have dedicated my career within the ‘reduced calorie alcohol' market, now they have finally listened.”

“I asked the question: why does a zero calorie bottle of water need a comprehensive nutritional table but a 300+ calorie bottle of beer not? I just hope that they follow through with the plans and demand a full nutritional table.”

“Listening to the younger and health conscious consumers will improve the life balance our society has with alcohol. This will change the industry for the good and those big brands scared of telling consumers what is in their beers, wines or spirits will need to re-think and align to a new strategy.”

A calorie conscious generation

According to research published by market research group Mintel in November 2018, 78% of consumers aged 18 - 35 years old are conscious of the calories in their drink and are looking for lower calorie alternatives. This was up from 30% in 2012 and is likely to have increased further in the present climate.

DrinkWell specialises in a wide variety of reduced calorie alcohol like no other in the EU. The retailer has seen an enormous 1000% growth this year as consumer attitudes have shifted towards lower calorie alternatives on the market. DrinkWell  leads the market and is the only retailer dedicated solely to lower calorie alcohol.

The drinks website is geared up to give customers a more informed choice about what is in their drink and provides detailed nutritional information on every product. Tom said “COVID-19 has sparked a national health push which has accelerated an already emerging customer need to know more about the alcohol they consume. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this market, helping people drink more responsibly.”

Since launching in 2012, DrinkWell  has sourced reduced calorie and lower sugar alcoholic drinks from around the world. The retailer also offers a range of preservative free, gluten free and vegan. All drinks sold on DrinkWell are taste tested, ensuring they maintain quality and flavour in their range alongside the lower calorie count.

Best selling products include cases of wine, which are also available on a repeat subscription basis similar to many popular wine clubs, but without any complicated contracts or minimum spends.

Why not browse our lower calorie wine, beer, and spirits collections and see for yourself!

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