• Customers have saved over 109 million calories
  • Customers have saved over 109 million calories

Dry January

Dry January

So many of you have been taking part in dry January, but what we would like to know he's why? Is it because you want to avoid alcohol altogether or is it because you think reducing your alcohol consumption will help you lose weight, or is it a combination of the two or something else? At DrinkWell we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and how they fit into the 21st century way of life.

Everyone now is so busy working hard and playing hard that we regularly lose track of our health both physically and mentally. Counting calories in your alcohol should be the least of your priorities, which is why we do it for you.

Most people have no idea how many calories they drink for a reason: Few booze bottles list nutritional facts on the label. Unfortunately, it is not yet mandatory to include nutritional information on alcohol within the EU.

Isn't it funny how a bottle of water which can contain less than 1 Cal has to have a comprehensive nutritional table on the label, but a bottle of beer which can exceed 300 calories doesn't?

We believe in transparency at DrinkWell and we have made a huge shift this year with all our products pictures containing a nutritional ribbon, which details the abv, sugar and calories. so you can make an informed choice not just based upon the type of wine or the region, but how nutritionally it can fit into your lifestyle.

As a society we are becoming more and more nutrition aware comma and increasing numbers are actively counting calories on a daily basis. How can you fit in a product to that count that you don't know the information for? You want to know the calories in your alcohol, then come to DrinkWell.

You don't need to pay a premium for low calorie alcohol, innovation shouldn't come at a price. So, we have sourced the best products we can find at the lowest prices just for you. we want to help you reduce the sugar and calories you consume when enjoying your favourite tipple.  

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