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SkinnyBrands Lager - Gluten Free Beer / Low Calorie Lager

Lower Calorie Beer Brought To The UK By Skinny Booze

SkinnyBrands Ltd have done something quite amazing and everyone needs to hear about it. They have created a product so perfect for the Alcohol market and ticks boxes never ticked before.

This is a leap of faith from such a new product entering the market but the guys heading up SkinnyBrands Ltd are determined to offer the UK consumers a healthier alternative that people will actually want to drink.

SkinnyBrands beer can be found in our Mixed Beer Case: 

  • Mixed Low Carb Beer Case 24 Pack
  • £42.99
Nutrition details (per can/bottle)
  • ABV4%
  • Calories93
  • Carbohydrates4g

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Low Sugar Beer

The consumers want a low sugar product they can enjoy and SkinnyBrands ticks that box. This is the lowest sugar Lager available in the EU. Certainly not going to be caught up in the sugar tax.

Low Carb Beer

The consumers want a low carb lager, but doesn't taste week and tastes like a normal beer. With the filtration system they use and the recipe they have the Lager tastes just like a normal beer but has only 20% of the carbs of a Peroni. Amazing!

Gluten Free Beer

There is a huge cohort of the global consumers that love a beer but also strictly follow the Gluten free diet for health benefits and for allergy issues. This Gluten Free Lager ticks that box too.

Low Calorie Beer

Saving on average 35% on calories, this is a game-changer for anyone looking for a low calorie beer that is still full strength and full flavour. With only 89 calories per bottle, we've been working hard to bring to you the lowest calorie beer possible.

Vegan Friendly Beer

Another cohort are the Vegan Members, you guessed it this is also a Vegan Friendly Beer. On top of everything else SkinnyBrands is appealing to the Vegan principles followed by millions world wide.


This Lager is also registered with the WeightWatchers Dieting Group at 3 points per bottle, and is 1 whole point lower than a Coors Light. Now on a night out that means you can have 1 extra beer when drinking 4 bottles. We should all drink responsibly but 4 bottles is easy to get through.

Slimming World

This Lager is not registered with slimming world as they dont want to advertised a full strength % product. But we are featured on their product list which is coming in a full Syn lower than Coors Light. What is not to love about that.

Product Details (per bottle - 330ml)

    • 4% ABV
    • 89 Calories (35% saving on average)
    • 1.32g of Sugar (Peroni - 11g)
    • 2.97g of Carbohydrate (Corona Extra – 14g)
    • 3g of Fat
    • Taste – You tell us!

WeightWatchers Smart Points – 3 (1 whole point lower than Coors Light)

Slimming World Syn’s – 4.5 (1 whole syn lower than Coors Light)



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  • Paul cooper

    What percentage of gluten is in a bottle ?

  • Claire

    Please can you tell me how this beer is gluten free yet it says it contains barley on the bottle?

  • Kat

    May I ask, on the bottle is states gluten free, however in the ingredients list it includes Malted Barley? Please could you explain? As I am eager to try but I am gluten intolerant and need to make sure it is safe to drink for ceoliacs. Thank you.

  • Fiona

    Hi, could you please tell me where I can buy this in Scotland
    Thank you

  • Anne wilson

    Where an I buy your no sugar low calorie no alcohol beer please. In Belfast and in Egham thank you

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