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Marston's Resolution Official Product Launch

Marston's Resolution Official Product Launch

DrinkWell are pleased to announce yet another new addition to the collection with the launch of Marston’s Resolution. With 3.5g carbohydrates per bottle, Marston's Resolution is a premium low carb beer and perfect for all of those on a ketogenic diet or simply trying to consume less carbs.

  • Mixed Low Carb Beer Case 24 Pack
  • £42.99
Nutrition details (per can/bottle)

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To allow for this reduction in carbs, but making sure to maintain its alcohol content, Marston's Resolution is double fermented during the brewing process to turn all sugar into alcohol, making it one of the lowest carb and lowest calorie beers on the market  not quite as low as Skinny Lager but extremely close and allowing for variation when it comes to enjoying a drink alongside a healthier lifestyle.

Crafted in true Marston's fashion, using only the finest hops and barley, this great tasting, full flavoured and refreshingly crisp and light beer is the ideal new addition to our range of low calorie alcohol. As always, we’re keen to keep growing and expanding the range, so please do let us know if there are any other products you think we should be stocking here at DrinkWell  we’re a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you.

How many carbs are in Marston's Resolution?

Marston's Resolution officially has 3.5g carbohydrates per standard 275ml bottle.

How many calories are there in Marston's Resolution?

Marston's Resolution officially has 88 calories (kcal) per standard 275ml bottle.

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