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DrinkWell - Reduced Calorie Alcohol Specialists

DrinkWell - Reduced Calorie Alcohol Specialists

We have searched the globe for products that fit into our ethos, Full Strength - Full Flavour - Fewer Calories. We have an incredible range of products that are lower in calories than the standard average in comparison to similar products.

How we test.

When we find a wine that we believe will be low in calories based on how its made we compare it to similar wines from the same region, not just any random products. If we find an Italian Chianti, we compare it against an Italian Chianti.

Low Calorie Wine is hard to find, thats for sure! It's taken us nearly 6 years to find the products we currently have and gone above and beyond to get them in the country.

Not just wine, but spirits too. We have found some slightly reduced ABV spirits that have zero sugar and additives making them as low calorie as possible.

Low and No ABV products have hugely increased sugar and carbs.

Example Heineken 0% has 1100% more sugar than an original - did you know?

Alcohol is the largest contributor to the calories ahead of the sugar and carbohydrates so reduced ABV can help reduced overall calories. But all low ABV alcohol needs to balance this reduction with more flavour additives. This means a lot more sugar and carbs.

Low Calorie Wine has often been misrepresented by Low ABV and consumers have become increasingly disillusioned by the common poor quality of these products.

Innovation is key and we have found some incredible products all with less than 2g/l of residual sugar. Also most of our products are vegan friendly or vegetarian and lower in sulphur.

We have more products landing soon and can't wait for you to try them.


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