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Low Calorie Beer FAQs

How Many Calories Are in Beer?

Beer is notoriously high in both calories and  carbs. On average, a pint of 5% ABV beer contains around 240 calories (current NHS estimate) - about the same amount as you will find in a slice of pizza from a takeaway!
In terms of carbs, standard beer is one of the highest carb alcoholic drinks you can get. Regular beers often pack upwards of 14g of carbs per can, with the actual figure often being much higher than this. For example, a pint of Corona contains around 22g of carbs, whilst a pint of Stella Artois contains almost 18g of carbs.

What is the Lowest Calorie Beer At DrinkWell?

Here at DrinkWell, we specialise in providing a range of tasty and refreshing beers that can be enjoyed whilst being calorie conscious. The lowest calorie beer available from us is the Tennents Light Lager, which offers refreshing, malty notes whilst remaining vegan-friendly  and gluten-free. Wanna try them all? Why not explore our low calorie beer cases?

How Many Calories and Carbs Are in Low Calorie Beers?

In terms of calorie content, the beers in our mixed beer case range from just 60 calories per bottle to a maximum of 99 calories per bottle. If it’s carbs you are interested in, you’ll be pleased to know that the highest carb content you will find in any bottle of beer in our mixed beer case is just 3.5g, making the mixed beer case suited to a low carb diet such as keto. In fact, one of the beers - Tennents Light -contains just 0.7g of carbs per bottle! The table below shows a breakdown of the calorie and carb content in each of the beers in our mixed beer case.


Calories per bottle 

Carbs per bottle 

SkinnyBrands Lager Bottle 



Marstons Resolution Ale Bottle



Kona Light



Omission Light Bottle



Tennents Light Lager Bottle



DrinkWell IPA Bottle




How Many Units Are in a Pint Of Beer?

On average, a normal-strength pint of beer contains anywhere from 4% ABV, which equates to 2.3 units. A pint of 5.2% lager or beer contains 3 units.

Is Beer Vegan?

Yes, most beer is vegan! If you’re following a vegan diet and want to enjoy a refreshing pint, you’ll be able to do so as the base ingredients of beer include water, barley, and yeast - none of which derive from animal products. However, some less-common beers, such as cask ales, may contain ingredients such as honey, Isinglass, or milk. 

Which Has More Calories, Wine Or Beer?

Generally, drinks with a higher carbohydrate content will have a higher number of calories. Because of this, beer contains more calories than wine. This means that spirits and wines are less likely to contribute to weight gain unless of course, you opt for a low calorie beer from DrinkWell. 

Can You Drink Beer On a Diet?

If you are watching your waistline, you should be able to drink beer. However, when you’re on a diet, enjoy it in moderation. Opt for a low calorie beer, or a low sugar beer, as these will help you remain health-conscious whilst enjoying your favourite beverage from time to time. Explore the full low calorie beer range from DrinkWell on this page.