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  • Customers have saved over 109 million calories
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How Much Sugar Is in Prosecco?

How Much Sugar Is in Prosecco?

Prosecco is undeniably fabulous. You’d have to look hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a glass (or 2...or more!) of Prosecco. In fact, over 400 million bottles of everyone's favourite fizz were sold last year. However, due to the limited nutritional labelling requirements for wines, it can be difficult to know how much sugar and calories are in a bottle of Prosecco - not ideal for dieters!

Thanks to the high sugar content of most soft fizzy drinks, many people often assume that Prosecco is also guilty of being a high sugar nightmare. But is that true? In this blog, we will have a look at the sugar content of Prosecco, and introduce you to some low sugar Prosecco options we have available at DrinkWell. 

Try something lighter:

Sugar in Prosecco

On average, one standard size glass of Prosecco contains approximately 1.5g of sugar - which is around a quarter of a teaspoon. To put that into perspective, guidelines state that men should not exceed 8 teaspoons of sugar a day, whilst women should not exceed 6 teaspoons a day. So in the scheme of things, the sugar levels of Prosecco are not particularly worrying when enjoyed in moderation. 

However, the sugar content of Prosecco varies widely depending on the type of Prosecco. To make it easier to estimate how much sugar there is in a particular bottle of prosecco, there are four classifications that indicate the residual sugar content that you may want to look out for. These are:

  • Brut. Brut Prosecco contains around 12g per litre ( 1.5g per 125ml glass)
  • Extra-Dry. Extra dry Prosecco contains between 12-17g of sugar per litre (up to around 2g per glass)
  • Dry. Dry Prosecco contains between 17-32g of sugar per litre (up to 4g per glass)
  • Demi-Sec. Demi-Sec prosecco is the sweetest of the proseccos, which contains 32-50g of sugar per litre (up to 6.25g per glass).

  • How Does the Sugar Content in Prosecco Compare to Other Drinks?

    So now we know how much sugar is in Prosecco, but how does it compare to other drinks?. Take a look at the table below to find out. 


    Average sugar content per 100ml 



    White wine


    Red wine


    Rose wine








    Gin and Tonic


    Hot chocolate




    *please note the sugar content of cider is hugely variable - you can read more about the sugar in cider in our blog here.

    Which Prosecco Has the Least Sugar? 

    As there are no legal requirements for the exact sugar content to be labelled on a bottle of Prosecco, it can be difficult to identify whether a Prosecco is low in sugar or not. However, as we mentioned earlier in the blog, every bottle of Prosecco is classified into one of four categories depending on the residual sugar levels. Out of these categories, ‘Brut’ Proseccos contain the least amount of sugar, so you should opt for Brut when picking your bottle if you are looking to reduce your sugar intake. 

    A Brut Prosecco is dry in taste - the driest of all Processos, in fact. In the International Sparkling Wine Sweetness Scale, there are 2 additional ‘Brut’ categories - Extra Brut and Brut Nature - so you may come across Proseccos from these classifications as well. Brut Nature Processos contain the least amount of sugar, a maximum of 3g per litre - and often none at all! So if you come across a Brut Nature Prosecco on your search, it will be a great option for your low sugar diet. 

    Can You Get Low Sugar Prosecco?

    Even though Prosecco is already relatively low in sugar, it is possible to get Prosecco that has been intentionally made to be lower in sugar - and in some cases completely sugar free! And the good news is, you’ve come to the right place if you are looking for low sugar Proseccos. Here at DrinkWell, we are committed to sourcing and providing the best lower sugar and lower calorie alcoholic drinks from around the world. Below are some of the low sugar bottles of Prosecco that you can currently buy from our website. 

    Skinny Witch Prosecco Brut DOCG

    Be prepared to be amazed, as this one is totally sugar free! 

    Yes that is correct… one 125ml glass of Skinny Witch Prosecco contains ZERO grams of sugar and just 69 calories! Skinny Witch delivers the perfect balance between quality hand-picked grapes and decreased sugar content, forcing an increased use of grapes. This gives a naturally sweet sugar-free and carb-free sparkling wine. With notes of citrus, redcurrant, and pepper - despite the name there is nothing scary about this one. Give it a try for yourself and order a bottle from the DrinkWell website for £16.99.

    And if you would like to learn more about the meaning of the DOCG label, why not check out this blog about Italian wines and labelling.

    ThinK Prosecco 'Organic & Vegan'

    It’s not often we find a product as perfect as this one - which is a big claim coming from people who dedicate their lives to finding high quality alcohol! Being organic, vegan friendly and 100% gluten free, ThinK Prosecco caters for most peoples requirements - not to mention the fact  it's completely sugar free! It is also lower in calories when compared to standard Prosecco, with just 77 calories per 125ml. Best of all, it also tastes amazing and brings a real touch of luxury to the table. Why not fizz up your life and order a bottle (or 2!) from the DrinkWell website for £16.99.

    Skinny Prosecco 1754

    As a Prosecco fan, you may well have already tried and loved the best selling Prosecco 1754. Well, now a lighter version is available! Skinny Prosecco 1754 contains up to 60% less sugar than the standard bottle of Prosecco 1754. That equates to just 0.25g of sugar per 125ml glass, accompanied by only 85 calories. It is also suitable for vegans and gluten free, and it certainly does not compromise on flavour or fizz!

    The winery where Skinny Prosecco 1754 is produced is over 400 years old and Skinny Prosecco believe that this adds that extra factor of class to their products. You can order a bottle from the DrinkWell website for £14.99.

    For more delicious lower sugar prosecco potions, why not check out the DrinkWell collection.

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