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Are Hard Seltzers suitable for a Keto diet?

Are Hard Seltzers suitable for a Keto diet?

Although they may have once seemed like a distant American fad, Hard Seltzers have very much made their mark on the UK alcohol market over the last couple of years. Now they have well and truly arrived on our shores, it seems like British consumers can’t get enough of these tasty little innovations. 

Insight company Kantar estimates that 650,00 Brits bought a Hard Seltzer last year, and the Hard Seltzer category in the UK is currently worth around £10.4 million. With staggering forecasts that this figure will reach around £600million by 2024, Hard Seltzers are very much here to stay. But are they suitable for a low carb diet such as the Keto diet? In this blog, we will take a look at exactly that question, and introduce you to some of the Keto-friendly Hard Seltzers available to purchase from DrinkWell. 

What are Hard Seltzers? 

Put simply, hard seltzers are ready-to-drink alcoholic sparkling water drinks, usually infused with a natural fruit flavouring. So, what’s the secret ingredient that makes hard seltzers so popular? Well, there isn’t one - in fact, we think it is the simplicity of the product that makes it so popular with modern drinkers. 

Hard seltzers are simply made from carbonated water, alcohol and natural fruit flavouring. They come in a wide array of exciting flavours to suit all tastes, such as elderflower, white citrus, black cherry, clementine, grapefruit, and watermelon.

Aside from being super tasty and refreshing, hard seltzer’s popularity is significantly bolstered by the fact they are very low in calories and carbs -typically with less than 100 calories and 2g of carbs per can. They are also quite low in alcohol - normally around 4% ABV - making them a lighter alternative to cocktails and spirit mixer drinks.

There are now a large number of new hard seltzer brands available in the UK, such as DRTY, Mike’s Hard Seltzer and Two Brooks. Many established alcohol companies have also cottoned on to the trend and have started producing their own hard seltzers - for example, Kopparberg have released black cherry, mixed berry and passion fruit hard seltzers, which we are pleased to have in stock at DrinkWell. 

What is a keto diet? 

Keto diets have gained significant popularity over the last couple of years, as this type of diet has been found to be effective in helping people lose weight and improve their health. The Keto diet works by minimising carbohydrate intake and increasing fat intake in order to make the body utilise fat as a form of energy - subsequently burning more fat.

To see the benefits of keto, you need to restrict yourself to eating between 20-50 grams of carbs a day. To put that in perspective, the average person eats between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates a day, so sticking to the keto requirements is quite a commitment! Instead of carbs, a keto diet involves eating foods rich in proteins and fats, such as meats, eggs, sausages, cheese, fish, nuts, butter, oils, seeds, and vegetables.

Are Hard Seltzers suitable for a Keto diet? 

Due to the fact Hard Seltzers contain no added sugar and are simply made from carbonated water and alcohol, they tend to be suitable for a Keto diet. Some brands of Hard Seltzer contain no carbs at all, and the majority of brands contain less than 2g of carbs per can.  This is significantly less than the carbs found on average  in beer (13g per can), cider (up to around 45g per can) and most popular cocktails, such as in a  Pina Colada (30g) or a Mojito (25g). So, it is clear why many people are opting for hard seltzers this summer, and they do fit well within a keto diet when enjoyed in moderation.

However, some hard seltzers contain more carbs than others - whilst some brands contain no carbs at all, others can contain up to around 5g of carbs! So if in doubt, check the brands website to see how many carbs their hard seltzers contain before choosing which ones to buy. Or, let DrinkWell do the hard work for you, as we clearly display the calorie and carb content of all the drinks we sell on our website, including all of the hard seltzers. With over 10 brands of hard seltzers to choose from, DrinkWell spoils you for choice when it comes to clearly-labelled hard seltzers!

What are the best Hard Seltzers for a Keto diet? 

The best hard seltzers for a Keto diet are the ones that contain no carbs at all. Although this may sound too good to be true, we do in fact have several zero carb hard seltzer options available to purchase from DrinkWell. 

Served Hard Seltzer

Available in raspberry or lime flavour, Served Hard Seltzers are vegan friendly, gluten free, and made with British spring water. Both flavours contain 0g of carbs and just 57 calories per can, which makes them the lowest calorie hard seltzer we currently have in stock! We love Served because they make significant efforts to make their product as environmentally friendly as possible - they use wonky fruits for the flavouring to help reduce waste, use 100% Recyclable and BPA free cans, and 5% of Served profits go towards funding environmental projects and saving critically endangered species. You can find Served on the DrinkWell website for £27.00 for a pack of 12 cans. 

Island Bay Hard Seltzer 

Island Bay hard seltzer is a lightly refreshing alcoholic drink, and comes in three delicious mouth-watering fruit blends of strawberry, watermelon, and mango. These 5%ABV hard seltzers contain 70 calories per can and no carbs, making them a great choice for anyone following a low carb diet. Why not fizz up your keto diet and order a pack of 12 cans for £17.99 from the DrinkWell website today!

DRTY Hard Seltzer

One of the first British Hard Seltzer offerings, DRTY offers an edgy British twist on its US counterparts. Made with sparkling water, a fruit wine base, and bulgarian rose extract, it can be enjoyed straight from the can or over a bed of ice. This 4% ABV and carb free hard seltzer is available in three unique and interesting flavours - Raspberry Rose, White Citrus, and Mango. Pick up a crate of 12 of your favourite flavour for £28.99 from the DrinkWell website. 

For even more delicious hard seltzer options, why not check out the Drinkwell hard seltzer collection. Remember, you can also customise your DrinkWell collection by creating your own case filled with your personal favourites. Simply request a free swap, and we will do so even if your preferred Seltzer is more expensive. All products on the Drinkwell website are labelled with sugar and calorie content, so you can always make an informed decision.

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