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How Many Calories are in a Bottle of Red Wine?

How Many Calories are in a Bottle of Red Wine?

Sipping on a nice glass of red wine after a long week is a way that many of us choose to relax. Red wine is also the perfect partner to many of our favourite dishes, but just how many calories are there in a bottle of red wine?

We all know that alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation, but we don’t always consider the impact a bottle of red can have on our waistline. In this blog, we will look at how many calories there are in a bottle of red wine, and recommend some lower calorie alternatives that can be bought from DrinkWell.

How many calories are in red wine on average?

It is no secret that red wine can contain large amounts of calories. The exact amount of calories found in red wine can vary widely between types of wine and different brands, just like the alcohol content does.

A standard 175ml glass of 13% ABV red wine can contain as many as 160 calories according to drinkaware, meaning that some bottles of red wine could contain up to 960 calories. That’s the equivalent of almost four and a half jam donuts! To put that into perspective, the average person would need to run for around an hour and a half to burn off the calories from a bottle of red wine.

However, red wines that generally have a lower alcohol content can contain significantly less calories than this. Typically, red wine calories will range from 135 to 165 calories per 175ml glass (that’s between 580 and 710 calories per bottle).

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What type of red wine contains the most calories?

The calorie content varies between different types of red wine. Below are some examples of calories typically found in a bottle of popular types of red wine:

  • Zinfandel - 655 calories per bottle
  • Burgundy - 645 calories per bottle
  • Sangiovese - 640 calories per bottle
  • Barbera - 635 calories per bottle
  • Cabernet - 620 calories per bottle
  • Pinot Noir - 615 calories per bottle.

What colour wine has the most calories?

Generally speaking, red wine is usually the most calorific out of all of the wine colours. Rose wine has on average around 70 - 80 calories per 100ml, white wine has 73 - 83 calories per 100ml whilst red wine tends to contain between 75 - 85 calories per 100ml.

This can be explained by the fact that red wine tends to have a higher alcohol content, and wines with a higher alcohol content will usually contain more calories than wines with a lower alcohol content.

This is because lower alcohol wines have more carbs or protein by volume. Alcohol has seven calories per gram, whilst carbohydrates and proteins have four calories. With this in mind, wines produced in Europe tend to be lower in calories due to production laws leading to lower alcohol levels.

Sugar in wines can also affect the calories

In addition to checking the alcohol content in wines, sugar can also have an impact. If a low alcohol wine has a high sugar content, this will usually offset the amount of calorie saving that you might be looking for. Unfortunately, many brands of wine don’t discuss the amounts of calories or sugar in wine on their packaging and this information isn’t always easy to find.

DrinkWell will always give you this information for every bottle of wine on our website, ensuring that you can make a more educated and informed decision about how much sugar and how many calories are in your bottle of red wine.

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DrinkWell Red Wines

If the calorie contents mentioned so far in this blog have made you feel guilty about your favourite drink, DrinkWell may be able to help. Here at DrinkWell we stock a wide range of lower calorie red wines that don’t compromise on quality or flavour.

As well as being reduced calories, many of our range are also low sugar, organic and vegan friendly. Below are a few of our current favourites.

Uggiano Chianti Riserva ‘Lucere’

This vegan-friendly wine has pronounced aromas of violet, bramble, dried fruit and a hint of toasty oak. The palate has plum, wild cherry fruit, spicy balsamic notes and supple tannins - leading on to a long finish. It is fantastic paired with a Florentine steak! Best of all, this is one of our lowest calorie red wine offerings, containing just 498 calories per bottle, which is just 83 calories per 125ml glass. It is currently available on the DrinkWell website at £11.05 per bottle.

Fauno GSM

Originating in Chile, this fairtrade dry red wine offers excellent value at just £7.99 per bottle from DrinkWell. With an alcohol content of 12.5% ABV, the palate is characterful with more ripe black fruit, supple tannins and fresh, juicy acidity, finished with a hint of pepper and spice. A 125ml glass of this delicious wine contains 85 calories, which equates to 510 calories in the whole bottle. It is a perfect accompaniment to all manner of grilled meats and pasta dishes.

Running Duck Organic Shiraz

This wine is produced by Stellar Organics, which is one of South Africa's largest organic wine producers and is the leading ethical wine brand in the UK. The vineyards are patrolled as organically as possible assisted by Indian Runner ducks, which act as natural pest removers. This Shiraz is spicy and concentrated with savoury notes of white pepper, and best of all contains just 84 calories per 125ml glass (that’s 504 per bottle). You can buy this delightful red wine from DrinkWell for £9.38 per bottle.

Wildwood Shiraz

This delicious deep ruby red wine from California has alluring aromas of ripe blackberries and a touch of spice. At 13% ABV, this Shiraz is Vegan friendly and contains 87 calories per 125ml glass. You can purchase Wildwood Shiraz on the DrinkWell website for £8.87 per bottle.


Looking to try something new? Why not check out the DrinkWell Red Wine collection to find your new favourite red.

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