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Which Wine Has the Lowest Carbs?

Which Wine Has the Lowest Carbs?

Carb content is something that many dieters observe closely, particularly when following a low or zero carb diet such as the Atkins, Dukan, South Beach or Ketogenic diet. For most, it’s obvious what foods you should avoid if you’re cutting back on carbs, but it can be a little trickier to work out what alcohol, if any, can fit into your low carb diet.

Whilst some alcoholic drinks are clearly unsuitable, such as those with high in sugars, you’ll be relieved to know that there are many low carb wines available - you just need to know where to look! In this blog we’ll take a look at the carbs found in popular wines, and introduce you to some of the great low carb wines we have on offer at Drinkwell.

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In general, dry wines have the lowest carb content, usually containing around 1-2 g carbs per 125ml. On the other hand, sweet wines and dessert wines, such as ports, madeiras, sauternes, and most sherries have a higher carb content. Sparkling wines can vary widely depending on whether they are dry or sweet - opt for dry varieties such as Brut, Extra Brut or Brut Nature over sweeter varieties.

We have put together the table below to provide you with a handy comparison guide to the average carbs found in popular types of wine vs DrinkWell wines.


Carbs per 125ml serving 

DrinkWell Average Carbs

Sauvignon Blanc



Pinot Noir






Sparkling Wine



Pinot Grigio 






Chenin Blanc




We have a large variety of low carb red, white and rose wines at DrinkWell as well as a few low carb sparkling wines, sure to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Check out our range of low carb wines here

wine calorie comparison

Where Do the Carbs in Wine Come From?

The carb content of wine is determined by the amount of residual sugar that is left in wine after the fermentation process. During fermentation, the sugars (carbohydrates) from the grapes are converted into alcohol by yeast, and in some cases, all or most of the sugars are converted, meaning that the wine has low or zero carbs.

However, sometimes the winemaker will stop the fermentation process early so that not all of the sugar is converted to alcohol, creating a sweeter wine with a higher carb content. In some cases, winemakers even add sugar to the wine during the winemaking process when grapes aren’t as ripe as required, or to increase the alcohol content. This practice is found more commonly in colder regions where grapes ripen less quickly, such as Bordeaux.

Does Low Carb Mean Low Calorie?

It’s a common assumption that if something is lower in carbs it is also lower in calories. However, when it comes to wine this is not always the case. This is because the majority of calories in wine come from the alcohol and not from the carbohydrates or sugar. Wines with a higher alcohol content tend to contain more calories.

The only real exception to this is sweet dessert wines, which often contain a large amount of residual sugar (and therefore carbohydrates) which contributes to the overall calorie content. However, it is worth remembering that the serving size of such wines is often much smaller, so don’t feel too guilty if you enjoy the odd glass of port after your dinner!

Are Low Carb Wines Keto Friendly?

Unlike many diets, you can drink alcohol on a keto diet, providing that it has a low carb content. Whilst having alcoholic drinks may slow the weight loss process (the body burns off alcohol before anything else), many low carbohydrate wine options are available so that you can stick to the requirement of a Keto diet.

Both red and white wines tend to contain relatively low carbs; dry wines in particular contain very few carbs - usually containing less than 0.5 grams of sugar per glass. Therefore, most dry wines are naturally low carb and fit well into a Keto diet in moderation. However, sweet dessert wines tend to contain much more sugar so should be avoided on a keto diet. Luckily, Drinkwell sells a variety of low carbohydrate wines that refuse to compromise on flavour.

Low Carb Wines Available From Drinkwell.

Identifying low carb wines can be difficult and confusing. Here at DrinkWell we like to do the hard work for you, and are committed to bringing you the best low carb wines from across the world. Below are some of the current offerings in our carefully curated collection of lno and low carb wines.

Guillaume Aurele Viognier

We’re excited to welcome this zero carb white wine to our portfolio, at only 92 calories per 125ml. Originally from the Rhone, the Viognier grape also grows well in the south of France, creating a dry white wine full of character. On the palate there is green apple and hints of apricot with a refreshing crispness on the finish. Great with grilled seafood and will also pair nicely with chicken dishes and risotto. This 13.5% ABV white wine is a must-try for anyone looking for low carb white wines. Purchase a bottle from the DrinkWell website for £10.99.

Piattini Pinot Grigio

This Italian zero carb dry white wine is perfect for those on a keto diet. With a zesty citrus and lightly floral aroma, this Pinot Grigio is crisp and lemony with a dash of sweet honeyed fruit that is the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day. It can be purchased from the DrinkWell website for £9.99 per bottle.

Domaines Andre Aubert La Serine Cotes du Rhone

A ripe, generous Cotes du Rhone from an estate in the Donzere area of the southern Rhone. With zero carbs and just 98 calories per 125ml, we really don’t think it’s possible to find fault in this delicate red wine. It is a classic blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah that goes well with grilled meat and beef casserole. You can find this wine on the DrinkWell website for £12.49 per bottle.

Vina Mariposa Tinto

A top quality Spanish low carb red wine, Vina Mariposa delivers big on flavour whilst still being a great option for those on a low carb diet. This red combines the classic Spanish red varieties of Garnacha (60%) and Tempranillo (40%) creating a bright, fruity modern wine with just 89 calories per 125ml. We recommend pairing with a shepherd's pie or pasta dish, and at just £8.99 a bottle on the DrinkWell website you can’t go far wrong with this one.

Rose 500

A low carb rose wine, Rose 500 is suitable for vegans and is made for healthier , happier lives, without any compromise on taste or quality. With Rose 500 you find the passions that the exceptional winemakers have dedicated to the cultivation of their grapes in every bottle. Pick up a bottle from the DrinkWell website for £13.99.

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