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Our spirits collection would not be complete without some low calorie liqueurs! Although much lighter in sugar and calories than most, these liqueurs are crafted with the same dedication to...  Read more

  • Trulo Coconut Rum Liqueur

    Trulo Coconut Rum Liqueur

    Avg. ABV: 14.90%
    Avg. 34Calories
    Avg. 2gSugars
    £12.99 a bottle
  • Trulo Espresso Liqueur

    Trulo Espresso Liqueur

    Avg. ABV: 14.90%
    Avg. 32Calories
    Avg. 4.3gSugars
    £12.99 a bottle
  • Trulo Passion Fruit

    Trulo Passion Fruit

    Avg. ABV: 14.90%
    Avg. 36Calories
    Avg. 2.1gSugars
    £12.99 a bottle
  • Trulo Peach Melba Schnapps

    Trulo Peach Melba Schnapps

    Avg. ABV: 14.90%
    Avg. 31Calories
    Avg. 3.5gSugars
    £12.99 a bottle