No Added Sulphur Wine

If you’re looking for natural wine that is high in quality and flavour, as well as being lower in calories, and vegan-friendly, look no further. DrinkWell offers a range of top quality wines from around the world, all with no added sulphur. When you try a glass of no added sulphur wine, you’ll undoubtedly return for more.

Our no added sulphur wines contain no more than 10 parts per million total SO2 and 5 parts per million free SO2. The wine is produced without the use of chemicals in the vineyard, or during the winemaking process, and there are no additional acids or sugars. What’s more, there is typically no filtering involved in the wine making process, so all of the natural goodness from the grapes remains within the wine, including potent antioxidants.

No Added Sulphur Wine

What Does Our No Added Sulphur Wine Collection Include?

Our collection of wines with no added sulphur contains top quality options from all around the world. The Tierras del Isasa Organic Rioja is one of our best-selling no added sulphur wines, and won the gold prize at the 2020 Sommelier Wine Awards.

In addition to our red wines with no added sulphur, the range also features some great white wine options like the Running Duck Organic Chenin Sauvignon Blanc; a South African wine that has just 86 calories, and is also vegan-friendly.

Is No Added Sulphur Wine Bitter?

Due to lower levels of sulphur and other chemicals, no added sulphur wine has a distinct flavour compared to your usual favourites. This is a result of reduced acidity levels, and the fact that they don't have increased aromas or initial flavours from introduced yeasts. They are not usually described as being bitter.

Generally, it is the addition of sulphur to wine that gives wine a bitter flavour.

What Do No Added Sulphur Wines Taste Like?

White and rose wines with no added sulphur have a different taste profile to mainstream wines as they cannot have high levels of acidity. So, you might find that a chardonnay with no added sulphur tastes a little different from your average bottle. Most wines with no added sulphur will still contain the notes that you know and love, but will just be a little less acidic, and much less bitter in some cases. With no added sulphur red wines, you may find the taste to be more in line with mainstream red wines, due to their natural tannins.

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