Lower Calorie Wine

Looking for a lower calorie wine that's packed with flavour? You’ve found it! At Drinkwell we only stock reduced calorie wines, and we never compromise on flavour or quality. Every bottle that we stock has been taste tested by experts to ensure your absolute enjoyment. As well as selecting our wines based on the lower calorie count, many of our range is also vegan-friendly and zero sugar.

Lower Calorie Wine

What Does Our Low Calorie Wine Collection Include?

Our low calorie wine collection is the ideal choice for anyone looking for anyone looking to enjoy the occasional glass as part of a balanced lifestyle. Our lower-calorie wines mean that you can choose without guilt from a pinot grigio, cabernet, merlot, or sauvignon blanc - whatever takes your fancy. The excitement of introducing people to their new favourite bottle of wine is what keeps us going, so if you are looking for a recommendation, please feel free to contact us.

What is the Lowest Calorie Wine at Drinkwell?

All of the wines that we offer are low-calorie options, however, if you are looking for the lowest-calorie wine in our range then allow us to introduce you to Sunny with a Chance of Flowers, where you can choose from a gorgeous pinot noir or crisp chardonnay - and all at just 64 calories per serving and 0g of sugar. We’ll drink to that!