Keto wines

DrinkWell has the biggest range of keto wines available anywhere in the UK. Every bottle of wine that we stock is reduced calorie and features detailed nutritional information to help you make informed choices for your keto diet. Our range of wines includes keto red wines, white wines and rose wines. All of the products on this page are low in sugar and carbohydrates. Enjoy wine on the keto diet again with DrinkWell.

Keto wines

Sugar-Free Keto Wine Cases

If you think that you can’t drink wine because you’re on a keto diet, think again! DrinkWell brings you the largest selection of keto wines anywhere in the UK, including keto wine cases, carefully curated by our wine experts.

Each of our keto wine cases contain a selection of our favourite keto wines, all sugar-free, lower in carbs, and lower in calories than your average wine. Who says diets have to be restrictive?!

Choose from the No Sugar, No Worries! keto wine case; a compact case of six bottles of sugar free wines, or the Friends of Keto Wine Case; 9 bottles of our favourite sugar-free, lower carb keto wines.

What Do Our Keto Wine Cases Include?

Our keto wine cases each contain a selection of our favourite sugar-free, lower carb keto wines from around the world. The cases include keto red wines, white wines and rose wines, all of which can be enjoyed guilt-free on a keto diet.

The No Sugar, No Worries cases includes Guillaume Aurele Pinot Noir; a dry, sugar-free red wine from France, containing notes of morello cherry, violets, and ripe raspberry. Or, if you prefer white wine, we also included the Kind Wine Garnacha Blanca Viognier; a dry white wine from Spain with notes of peach and apricot.

Meanwhile, the Friends of Keto Wine Case includes a lower carb, sugar-free rise wine that’s also lower in calories than your average rose; Les Oliviers Grenache Cinsault Rose. Made in France, this dry rose wine has notes of tangy berry flavours and spicy notes from Cinsault that you can enjoy guilt-free. Or, why not try the Domaine du Maubet Merlot; another French classic bursting with succulent raspberry and cassis with hints of dark chocolate on the finish.

Where are Your Keto Wines From?

Our wine experts scour the world for the best keto wines that each region has to offer. Our selection includes European classics from the vineyards of France, Italy, and Spain, as well as a few New World discoveries from South Africa.

If you’re not looking specifically for keto wines, we also offer lower calorie red wine cases, lower calorie white wine cases, and lower calorie rose wine cases.